ABout ME

I'm a freelance producer based in New York City & am working on my first feature-length documentary - She Is Syria, an IFP-sponsored film that looks at how the political changes in Syria have affected the lives of Syrian women now living in France, Greece, Armenia, and Germany. 

I am passionate about creating content that has a social impact on local and international communities. I love work that adds to the cultural dialogue of our times. 

My responsibilities and skills include creating & managing budgets, managing clients, internal teams & vendors, meeting hard deadlines, tracking production schedules, and ensuring quality deliverables.

Clients I've worked with include: Bud Light, Facebook, Sperry, Amex, Stella Artois, Samsung, Tide, Yoplait, Sam Adams, P&G, Google, Atlantic Records, Walmart and Steve Madden.

I'm into gluten, dairy, and travel.