ABout ME

Hi, I'm a filmmaker and freelance producer based in New York City. I’ve been working on my first feature-length documentary - She Is Syria, an IFP-sponsored film that looks at how the political changes in Syria have changed the lives of Syrian women now living in France, Greece, Armenia, and Germany. The people/partners I’ve encountered throughout this process have profoundly changed me. I’m honing my storytelling skills and understanding more about what it means to give back to your community.

What I’m really into is creating work that has a social impact. I lead on projects anywhere from development stage to post. My sweet spot is being a creative & line producer — managing creative teams, shoots, budgets, clients, production partners, schedules, and ensuring quality deliverables. Some clients I've worked with include Doctors Without Borders, NatGeo, Facebook, Viacom, Spotify, Bud Light, Amex, and Fusion TV.

I’m always looking to collaborate with new partners! Look forward to hearing more about your project. Reach me at:


(917) 817-6121